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2023, Here We Come!

2022 was a year of great change for me (including a move!) and tremendous growth for Vanessa’s Red Pen. The ending of a significant long-term contract opened a door for a remarkable new professional opportunity that came my way late in the year. I am thrilled to be managing all the marketing and communications for an exciting new business based in California as I continue to work closely with clients, both long-standing and new, creating and editing millions of words of content a year.

In 2022, Vanessa's Red Pen...

  • Welcomed nearly two dozen new clients and maintained ongoing relationships with over 30 more.

  • Worked closely with people and businesses starting over, rebranding, or pivoting in their careers, on projects ranging from website writing to full-service job-search asset creation.

  • Wrote over 350 client blogs on topics ranging from HR and marriage therapy to autism and addiction treatment.

  • Helped four academics by editing/polishing significant manuscripts including dissertations and articles for publication.

  • Re-affirmed some favorite niche services such as mission-statement writing, LinkedIn consultation, development of writing by non-native English speakers, and supporting women in career and life transitions.

Especially meaningful is when people I’ve known in different times of life—past colleagues, former students, college and grad school connections—reach out to hire me as a writer, editor, consultant, or marketing content creator to help them wherever they are now in their life and career. Building and maintaining relationships ensures a brim-full life and heart.

Wishing you a joyful, productive, meaningful 2023!


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