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Writing: The Most Important Business Skill

Have you said or thought som

ething like this? “I’m in business, not a writer.” It’s perfectly okay as long as someone on your team is a writer. Don’t have a team? That’s w

here I come in. When the writing is good, bus


ness is good. As for me, I’m a writer, not an expert in how businesses run, but I do know (because I’ve read the research) that writing is considered one of the most important ways business gets done. When you produce well-crafted marketing materials, proposals, reports, newsletters, and memos—your revenue and reputation benefit. Many companies do not realize that investment in great communications, writing, and copy production is as vital as it is. Either they don’t invest in a comms department— or they can’t. But even if you are not in a position to hire full time writers, you can hire me. Here are a few signs that you need me:

  • Writing takes too long. When you sit down to write an important document, email, letter, marketing piece, blog, newsletter (get my drift?), it eats up hours of your time… time you can’t afford.

  • You don’t have a trusted sidekick to edit (really well) for you. You produce a piece of writing—maybe that part’s not hard for you. Who will look at it before it goes live? Your cousin was an English major… but is being an English major enough?

  • There are communication misfires. Is anyone ever confused about your messaging, or not sure exactly what you do?

  • Your competitors.If they are putting out better writing than you, they’re doing better business.

  • A few too many uh-oh moments. Are you noticing errors… after the fact? Or getting some feedback from know-it-alls who caught a comma splice?

These problems don’t need t

o be problems…because you can hire me. No job is too big or too small.

  • I have a client who sends me every letter and important email he writes. At this point all he says is, “Can you fix this? See attached.”

  • I have a client who retains me monthly to produce her e-blasts, newsletters, and any web copy she needs.

  • Plus I write business e-books, articles, press releases, marketing materials, brochures, and more.

Do you want more for your business? Let’s get together and talk about writing!


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