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Calling All Academics!

If you are an academic who wants to stop worrying about at least one thing (or know someone who fits this description), you probably need me.

It’s one of my niches—dissertations and other academic w

riting. I have worked with numerous professors and PhD candidates editing peer-reviewed (and non-peer-reviewed) articles, books, dissertations, theses, and papers. This is fun stuff.

Here’s why my academic clients end up being repeat clients:

  • Deadlines are my friend. I hit my targets. (Hint: I do not promise what I cannot deliver.)

  • I take rush jobs. You’ll pay a premium, but you’ll get your manuscript back in time.

  • More than 50% of my academic clients are not native English speakers. This is what you call a niche within a niche. I’ve edited dissertations by writers whose first language was Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

  • I understand that not all brilliant scholars are comfortable writers, so I do not just fix your syntax, grammar, and punctuation. I also make subtle changes to ensure coherence, flow, and finesse.

  • You’ll receive your manuscript edited and tracked, with marginal notes about content that needs your attention (if any) such as redundancy, contradictions, missing pieces in an argument or the development of an idea—before your dissertation advisor or co-author notices.

  • The subject does not matter. Writing is writing, and if I have a question about something, I reach out to you.

It’s always nice when the work we do comes with perks. For me, nerd that I am, the biggest perk is learning new things from my clients by working on their projects. I’ve learned about graphology, plastics manufacturing, relationship coaching, the churches of Paris, addiction and recovery treatment, North American shamanism, acupuncture, hemp farming, and more. That list doesn’t even count what I’ve learned from my clients in the academic fields—which includes Arabic poetry, group dynamics, business ethics, musical conducting, wetland science, green architecture, and the Neolog Jewish community in 19th C. Hungary.

But don’t hire me because I want to learn more stuff. Hire me because you want to hit your deadline with a pristine document.

Best of all, I always see my clients to the finish line. When a publishing or defense deadline is set, and you don’t know how you’ll get it all done, partner with me. I’ve got you.

It’s academic.


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