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Aw, Did You and Friday Break Up?

Here’s How to Get Back Together

Remember when Friday meant your work week was coming to an end, and you looked forward to spending some time on … well, something besides work? If the idea of Friday ended for you when you started your own business, I get it. I’ve been there.

It comes from that feeling that you can’t let up, nothing can wait, and there is too much to do. So you broke up with Friday, and lost the whole weekend. But take it from me, working seven days a week is just not healthy.

Chances are, you have some significant skills and a lot of passion that prompted you to start your business, establish your nonprofit, or undertake whatever fabulous endeavor has stolen Friday from you. I have significant skills and a passion too – for writing content for clients that establishes them firmly as thought leaders, conveys their mission or product compellingly, tells their story, boosts their web traffic – you name it.

Many of my clients say that all the writing and marketing take up so much of their time and bandwidth and cause so much stress that they rarely sleep through the night. They struggle to get through it all.

Maybe you can’t hire a full-time marketing and communications department quite yet. Here are a few of the things you can put on my plate:

  • Blogs – and keeping up with SEO

  • Newsletters

  • Updated and polished web copy

  • Marketing copy for digital or print advertising

  • Letters for fundraising, new product lines, promotions, etc.

  • Social media content – every single day – it’s a lot!

I do what I do best, so you can do what you do best.

Get reacquainted with Friday. Or at least the spirit of Friday. Everyone needs a chance to unwind so they don’t unravel. Your health and happiness is tied to your business success, but it’s also tied to your ability to take care of yourself.

I can help.


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