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Got Blog?

How Blogging Can Boost Your Business

The art and science of blogging has come a long way since the idea was conceived in the ingenious mind of a student named Justin Hall whose 1994 “web log” was the very first. The blog has become a hugely useful tool in building a business and increasing the attention of potential clients/students/job seekers and more.

Here’s the thing. To make an impression with a blog that you post on social media and email to your entire contact list, it has to be the best it can be. Polished, well-written, on-brand, and error free. Do you have time for that? Chances are you are very good at what you do and very busy doing it. Whether you are a psychotherapist, a plumber, the owner of a B & B, or anything in between, you may not feel comfortable writing a lot of content. You may dread it. Put it off. Simply not enjoy it. Or have no time to keep up with a regular blog practice on top of the other 17,439 things you do each week. So maybe it’s not that important after all? Let’s see.

How can producing great blog content help you?

  • It establishes you as a thought leader in your field, expert in your skill area, and a savvy businessperson. For every specialty bakery out there (over 20,000 in this country alone) how many put out a charming and delectable weekly or monthly blog? If you have two bakeries within three miles of your home, which do you call to order a cake for your triplets’ birthday? The one who has delighted you with photos of Halloween cookies and humorous bullet points about the mental health benefits of special treats or the one you pass twice a year on the way to the dentist?

  • Using web content, such as a well-written blog, that focuses on SEO (search engine optimization) increases your visibility on the internet. People with blogs and other web content that utilize SEO receive more than 50% of web traffic, despite representing far fewer than 50% of people with websites. Simply put, you are much more likely to show up in Google searches and drive traffic to your website if you have a blog. A blog strategy not only appeals to your previous clients, but pulls new customers and clients to you.

  • Every blog is a conduit to content on your website. By using internal links within your blog, for example to one of your previous blogs on a similar subject, the page on your site that covers a specific topic being written about in this blog, or the “contact us” page, you are giving readers doors to your site that are easy to pop through with the click of a mouse.

  • Get feedback. Unlike a webpage, a blog usually offers a comment section so you can hear back from clients and customers about what they are thinking, looking for, or interested in.

  • Get shared. Blogs are incredibly easy to share. Usually each blog post has clickable links for sharing on social media and if you’ve caused a stir or inspired interest, your content will be widely shared, increasing your exposure by leaps and bounds.

Blog writing is the fastest growing piece of my business. I will produce well-written content for you quickly and on schedule. The benefits of hiring a professional to produce regular, quality blog content make it one of your best business investments. Generate web traffic and convert leads by establishing your expertise, with my help.

Reach out using my contact form to talk about starting a blog or re-envisioning your current blog.


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