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Rewrite your story: idyllic retreat

Ready for the next chapter? Write it yourself! (We can help.)

Are you ready for change but tired of

waiting for it to “just happen?”

Did you know that you can re-imagine your life so vividly and powerfully that you end up being the instrument of the change you seek?

Re-write your story in an inspiring weekend retreat.

Transformation coach and contemporary shamanic practitioner, Terri Lundquist, and I will be your hosts, teachers, supporters, and guides as you write the story you want in order to create the life you desire.

Healthy food and lodging are included in the workshop price. Enjoy many lovely outdoor spaces for contemplation and writing and cozy indoor settings for community and sharing—and the company of people, like you, who are on a journey to rewrite their stories! Click here to read more and register!

Below you can take a peek at some photos of our retreat location.


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