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Self-Promotion — Everyone’s (Not) Favorite Thing

Self-promotion. Do you avoid it? Struggle with it? Feel awkward at the very thought of it? But you also understand that ya gotta do it?

  • You learned how to do what you do.

  • You’ve mastered your skill set.

  • You have experience and knowledge to share.

  • Worthy talents and great ideas are just the beginning of what you bring to the table.

So why is it so hard to say all that, loudly, confidently, and joyfully? Maybe it will help if you change your thinking on this topic. Try this: It isn’t the private you that you’re promoting you. It’s not the person who grew up in Oakland/Nashville/small town in Ohio, who went to Your School High and dated Jed Dilbert/Sally Frankel, majored in sociology/electrical engineering/dance and owns a parakeet/poodle/pony… That’s for your personal Instagram page. Yes, that you informs your business self, but that’s who I’m talking about—the professional you who offers services or products or skills to people who are looking for your exact kind of expertise. There may be 89 others who do what you do, or claim to, or maybe 1,349 others, or even more. But they are not you. How can we amplify exactly what you offer in your field? I have an idea! I’ll do it for you. It’s so much easier for someone with a knack for writing and no ego-involvement to take your unique, wonderful story and tell it compellingly. Even if you have a knack for writing, you may find that writing about your own gifts is less easy, less comfortable. When you write to promote your business and yourself it is not self-aggrandizing, but until the feeling that it is disappears, I can write your truth so the waiting public can find you. A reminder: although there is nothing wrong and everything good about owning your own greatness and recognizing what makes you special, both men and women often struggle with this. What you want:

  • Recognition for your expertise, education, and experience

  • The ability to offer your skills, services, wisdom, experience to those who need them

  • To earn money for those skills and services

  • Meaningful work in service to others—your clients or customers

What you need:

  • Knowledge of your niche (I can help you identify that succinctly)

  • Awareness of your unique skills and knowledge (I can interview you and skillfully extract these gems from your brain)

  • The desire to put those skills and knowledge to work

  • Me, aka Vanessa’s Red Pen: I will do what is so painful or tedious for you—tell your story to compel the interest and attention of your ideal audience while being true to everything that makes you you and your business remarkable.

What are you waiting for?


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